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  • Event Date: 14-Sep-2023
  • Updated On: 19-Sep-2023
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Description: A special assembly was held to celebrate the beauty and significance of Shimla, often referred to as the Queen of Hills.The assembly began with a captivating sight - a toy train, symbolizing the enduring charm of Shimla. Following this, students presented a heartfelt poem. This moment was followed by the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, creating a solemn atmosphere. The ambiance was further enriched as students took the stage to share their insights about Shimla's famous landmarks, vividly portraying their cultural and historical importance. A group of passionate students then emphasized the urgent need to preserve Shimla's pristine beauty by advocating for cleanliness, stressing our collective responsibility. In the end the entire class came together in harmonious fervour, their voices resonating in a moving rendition of a patriotic anthem. As the event concluded, students expressed their gratitude, acknowledging the effort that had gone into creating this meaningful assembly. The assembly ended with the national anthem.
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